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Important Information

1. Do I need to make an appointment in advance?

All room experiences must be booked online. We don't accept guests who walk in.

2.Can I bring children?

Our rooms are designed for challenging adventure activities for adults. Children over the age of 7 are welcome to participate in our room accompanied by at least one player over the age of 16.

3. Will I play with other people?

When you book with us, we will ensure that the room is exclusively for your group's use.

4. How much does it cost?

The Lost City
4 people $66/PP
5 people  $64/PP
6 people $60/PP
7 people $58/PP
8 people $56/PP

5. Can I bring an extra person?

So long as it doesn't push your team over our maximum capacity, there is no issue.  You can square the difference in price when you get to M.Cube Escape Room  on the day.

6.what should I bring?

Bring comfortable clothing, a smile and a positive attitude!

7.What time should I arrive?

All groups please arrive at 10 minutes prior to booking time.

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