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This used to be the land of humans, city of technology and also your hometown: Sphinx. However, this holy place is now occupied by the ugly orcs. They invaded and ruined everything 10 years ago. No one knew where they came from and why they came. In these 10 years, you have prepared so much, to get rid of the dirty hands of the orca.




Time:90 minutes

Recommended Players:4-8

錨點 1


You just opened your eyes, everything around you is very unfamiliar. This only thing you remember now is that you are a member of SPRGJ, Social Paranormal Research Group of Japan. Just earlier today, your team accepted a mission to investigate an apartment. With the dark lights and blurry memories, anxious and fear has spread among you…


Plot Reasoning:

Time:90 minutes

Recommended Players:2-8

錨點 2

《 ? ? ? 》

This is 2095, all of the beautiful natural sceneries, places of historic figures and cultural heritage have all gone due to the explosion of population. They now only exist in textbooks and movies. Luckily, humans now have found the way to send people’s minds among times. Therefore, a new career: time traveler has become popular. As the strongest time travelling team now, you guys will now travel back to a church in 1854. Find out the truth! Good luck with your mission, time traveller squad.


Team Work:


Time:90 minutes

Recommended Players:2-6

錨點 3
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